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2XU Elite X:Lock Compression Sock


A versatile sock for all activities for reducing fatigue and for greater recovery. These mid weight compression socks use X-lock technology for support to plantar fascia and protection from blisters. Powerful compression helps reduce muscle vibration and conditions such as shin splints.


  1. Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
  2. Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries
  3. Improved performance
  4. Improved muscle alignment
  5. Increased agility
  6. Faster recovery


  1. Lightweight yet powerful PWX fabrics
  2. 200 Needle count knitted – lighter, denser and more durable
  3. Multi-directional stretch
  4. Flexible & breathable
  5. Moisture wicking yarns to help keep you dry
  6. Antibacterial
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