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Bkool Pro Trainer


The BKOOL Smart is an ultra-quiet, stylish & powerful trainer capable of reaching 1200 watts & slopes of up to 20%.

A futuristic looking turbo trainer that is light and extremely easy to use. Simply unfold, place bike on the unit, connect to your ANT+ devices and pedal.

  1. Experience the most realistic sensations. Professionals agree: with Bkool actual riding sensations on the ground can really be felt
  2. Ramps up to 1,200w, on a progressive curve. You’ll feel just like you were out there on the road
  3. Easy storage. BKOOL have reduced its weight and size to a minimum
  4. Advanced electronics. The result of combining biomechanical engineering with the most powerful cycling software
  5. Bkool is one of the quietest trainers, which is very important if you’re going to train at home (pro version at 75db at 30kph)
  6. Great looks, crafted design – aesthetics matter
  7. Type: High-end Smart trainer
  8. Resistance: Magnetically controlled and controlled by the simulator software
  9. Software: Bkool Simulator (Compatible with ANT+ FE – C simulators)
  10. Links: ANT+ wireless
  11. Size: 570mm x 610mm x 412mm (810mm x 610mm x 412mm arms extended)
  12. Stability: Extra
  13. Weight: 11.6kg
  14. Roller: 5cm diameter (traction adjustment – wheel adjusts to the roller)
  15. Power: 1200W
  16. Braking: Magnetic
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