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Brooks B17 Select World Traveller Saddle


B17 Select World Traveller Saddle was made to celebrate Brooks deep historical associations with the sporting heroes of the previous London Olympiad, as well as their rich relationship with devotees of Long Distance Touring, during the inaugural WCR Grand Tour, a competitive circumnavigation of the Earth by bicycle. The saddle itself features a leather surface with a restyling of a piece by Frank Patterson, who was the artist and illustrator of the Brooks catalogues of the 1920’s, realized by Richard Phipps. The saddle has been made using Brooks Select organic leather tops, fixed to a chromed copper steel frame and finished with hand hammered copper rivets. Limited run of 2012 pieces.

  1. Made in England
  2. Length: 275mm
  3. Width: 175mm
  4. Height: 65mm
  5. Weight: 540g
  6. Frame: Chromed copper steel