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Brooks Victoria Saddlebag


Introducing the Brooks Victoria saddle bag. This is one of the most stylish saddle bags on the market. With its different way of mounting it draws attention and works an absolute treat. This bag was initially designed around how women carry their handbag on a bike, ideas lead to ideas, then finally they came to the conclusion to focus it around the saddle area. Brooks wanted a saddle bag that is worth taking with you as well as keeping your essentials in. To the known eye people will know the iconic saddle shape of Brooks, which makes it pretty much a one of a kind saddlebag/handbag. This is ideal for inner city use as it doesn’t give the opportunity to thieves to steal it, due to the fact that it doubles up as a handbag. Overall this saddle bag combines fashion, history and clever thinking into one smart looking saddle/handbag.

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