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Cafe Du Cycliste Louise Jersey


Silk And Merino Cycling Jersey With Premium Performance

Silk is one of nature’s finest fibres and Louise combines its incredible insulating, regulating and high performance characteristics with the well known breathable, high wicking and odour resistant properties of fine grade merino wool. The fast drying blend has also been constructed with additional stretch to enable a free range of movement whatever the position on the bike.

Constructed using an ultra fine, lightweight fabric, the jersey is well suited for hotter days while additional ventilation and temperature control is provided by open mesh sections on both the back and sides. The silk combines with the merino to ensure unrivalled warm weather performance but uniquely, its natural insulating properties also provides extra protection and warmth on fast, cold descents of if the temperature suddenly starts to drop.

In classic black, Louise features a reinforced pocket structure to prevent sagging and has two cargo pockets, a pump pocket and a zipped valuables pocket, providing ample capacity for essentials. Flat locked stitching adds increases the comfort against the skin and a silicon gripper ensures extra stability.

  1. Made in Europe
  2. Fabric 01: 10% Silk | 55% Merino | 28% Polypropylene | 7% Polyamide
  3. Fabric 02: 7% Elastane | 93% Polyamide
  4. Ultra Fine & Lightweight Fabric
  5. Open Mesh Panels Back & Side for Enhanced Air Flow
  6. Moisture Management Properties
  7. High Wicking, Fast Drying & Odour Resistant
  8. Three Cargo pockets
  9. Pump pocket
  10. Zipped Key Pocket
  11. Audio Cable System
  12. Reflective elements
  13. Slim Fit
  1. Merino
  2. Merino has been proven to breathe, wick moisture and regulate body temperature more effectively than synthetics. Unlike some other wool, high-grade merino also has a fine micron count which makes it super soft and comfortable against the skin.

    We have carefully selected fabrics that combine the best of what both nature and science have to offer. Our merino jerseys offer the unparalleled comfort, fantastic thermoregulation and odour resistant properties of the natural wool enhanced with the additional strength, durability and rapid drying capability of proprietary synthetic fibres.