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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clincher Wheelset


The new SHAMAL™ ULTRA™ C17 represents the same fantastic performance that has made it THE go to aluminum race wheel for the better part of two decades while adding even more versatility and performance.

The new, wider profile meets the C17 standard and is perfect for use with the increasingly popular 25/28mm tire sizes.
The new rim/tire interface proves to be more aerodynamic when compared to the same size tires mated to a C15 rim.

The new C17 also allows for a more surefooted grip in addition to increased comfort while increasing rigidity and thus reactivity at the same time thanks to its wider stance and optimized material usage.

  1. TOROIDAL MILLING: reduces the peripheral weight of the rim – makes the wheel extremely reactive.
  3. 2-WAY FIT™ PROFILE: allows you to use either the classic clincher or the innovative tubeless tire.
  4. ULTRA-FIT™: easy tire mounting – maximum safety – less friction – less energy dispersion – improved performance.
  5. MOMAG™: allows the external profi le of the rim to be free of holes.
  6. DIFFERENTIATED RIM HEIGHT FRONT (24 – 27 mm) AND REAR (27 – 30 mm)
  7. SPOKES ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEM™: keeps the spokes in the position of maximum aerodynamic penetration.
  8. SELF-LOCKING NIPPLES: allow the ideal spoke tension to be maintained at length, eliminating friction on the rim. All this translates into constant high performance throughout the life of the product.
  9. EXCLUSIVE MEGA-G3™ SPOKE PATTERN: perfect balance of spoke tension on both sides of the wheel. Reduces stress, increases transversal rigidity and the transmission of power to the wheel. Mega-G3™ eliminates vibrations even with “heavy” cyclists.
  10. AERO SPOKES IN ALUMINIUM: maximum aerodynamic penetration – lower weight and greater reactivity.
  11. USB™ CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS: reduces friction, provides greater smoothness, and maintains performance over time.
  12. CARBON FIBRE HUB BODY: high degree of lateral stiffness – reduces the weight to the minimum.
  13. ALUMINIUM AXLE low weight, high stiffness.
  14. OVERSIZED FLANGE: increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist.
  15. DIFFERENTIATED HUB DIAMETER FRONT AND REAR: optimized for structural integrity and performance. Small front hub aids in aerodynamic efficiency.