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Castelli Team Sky Pro Aero Nano Shoecover



Many of your rides with booties are in cool but not brutally cold conditions, maybe with wet roads or some rain, and of course you always want to be aero and fast. That’s the thinking behind this bootie: aerodynamic for use in WorldTour TTs and water- and windproof fabric with sealed seams to keep the water out. It doesn’t have any insulation so it won’t cover your really cold-weather rides, but it’s spot on for everything else. The upper portion is very stretchy, a silicone bead at the top helps prevent water coming in, and it has taped seams and a water-resistant zip, so this shoe cover is ideal for all but truly cold-weather conditions

  1. Aero fit with silicone-coated wind and waterproof stretch fabric
  2. Sealed seams makes the bootie totally waterproof
  3. Silicone gripper at cuff
  4. Waterproof rear zipper
  5. Reflective panel and stripes at back
  6. Durable rubberized bottom
  7. Weight: 83g