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Enve M9 Handlebar



A race proven downhill handlebar, available in 30 and 50mm rise options.

We built this bar to win downhill races. Over and over again, this bar has delivered confidence and control on the world’s toughest tracks. In fact, these handlebars have frequented the World Cup podium over 75 times in the last eight years. Developed with the fastest riders, and validated at the highest level, the winningest carbon DH bar is also available in two rise options to ensure your preferred fit can be achieved.

The M9 bar is our dedicated downhill option. Designed around a 31.8mm clamp diameter and our downhill-focused flex profile, this bar’s celebrated ride feel defined the potential of a DH carbon fiber bar and realigned performance expectations. Refined for 2018, the new M9 bar is offered with a 30mm or 50mm rise, and features 8˚ sweep and 4˚ tip angles. The 50mm rise M9 handlebar has a 70mm-wide clamping zone; the 30mm rise bar has a 55mm clamping zone.

  1. Material: Carbon Fiber
  2. Weight: 245g
  3. Bar Width: 810 mm
  4. Rise: 30mm
  5. Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  6. Sweep: 8 degrees
  7. Tip: 4 degrees
  8. Torque Spec: Face Plate 5.5Nm
  9. Torque Spec: Controls 5.5Nm
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