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Guee b-Mount + WP Saddle bag


Bike rear mount solutions for sports camera (GoPro, Garmin Virb, Shimano) with rechargeable rear light, and a water protection saddle bag

GUEE b-Mount + WP Saddle bag contains a aluminum rear-mounted bracket system, a wide beam rechargeable rear light, an under bracket for a sports camera (i.e. GoPro, Shimano, Garmin Virb), and a water production saddle bag with a convenient size/volume for great usability when travelling.

The rechargeable rear light has a 220 degrees visibility angle, increasing the bike rider’s road safety, can be mounted tools-free, and is IPX5 approved.


  1. An integrated rail mount system with over 180 degree rechargeable tail light provides a neat mounting solution.
  2. Tool-free buckle design allows easy attachment and detachment.
  3. Under bracket constructed in compliance with GoPro mounting interface. Compatible with other sports camera.



  1. Alumium rail bracket, for 143mm saddle rail
  2. Tail Light modes: Flash /stobe /constant.
  3. Battery: 3.7V Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (420mAh)
  4. Charge through Micro USB. Charge time(approx): 2 hours
  5. Burn time(approx): Flash 19.5h / Strobe 8.5h / Constant 4h

WP Saddle Bag

  1. Tarpaulin/Polyster
  2. Size: 11.5 x 9 x 5 cm
  3. Weight: 112g (with buckle)
  4. Quick Release Buckle (compatible with GoPro interface)
  5. Water protection

Package includes

  1. Aluminum Mount *1
  2. Rechargeable Rear Light *1
  3. USB Charge Cord *1
  4. User Manual *1
  5. WP Saddle Bag *1
  6. Under bracket *1