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Industry Nine ENDURO 305 Wheelset


Enduro The standard-bearer of the Industry Nine line-up. To us, it’s not a gimmicky catch word employed to sell more wheels and cash in on hype. Our backyard is Pisgah National Forest – A place where you have to “earn your turns” if there ever was. Before enduro was “Enduro” we were spending all day in the woods climbing mountains and pushing how fast we could ride back down them. As the seasons ticked on and the tastes change, our Enduro wheelset evolved with it. Our first generation Torch series Enduro measured in at 26mm inner width, while our latest, second generation Enduro comes in at a generous 30.5mm IW, while still retaining the “ride everything” mentality we forged with our first wheelset we dubbed Enduro eight years ago.

Industry Nine Enduro 305 from IndustryNine on Vimeo.

Lightweight & strong rims

The rims have been designed to add strength to the side walls which offers greater resistance to impacts so you can charge through rock gardens with confidence. Excess material has been removed from the rim, using Mavic’s inter spoke milling process.

Zircal bladed spokes

Offering that distinctive Mavic look, the Zircal aluminium bladed spokes are lightweight. The front wheel is built with a crossed lacing that improves shock absorption while the rear uses Mavic’s Isopulse lacing for improved power transfer.

Crossmax Quest tyres

Crossmax Quest tyres are supplied with the wheels along with two bottles of sealant and all the accessories required. These are versatile dual compound boots that offer a great mix of rolling efficiency, traction and cornering grip.