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Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Ti Pedals


The new reference point for road bike pedals with innovative Carbon Blade Technology. With a carbon blade traditional springs can be forgotten as the blade provides a faster more defined clip-in and out in an unbelievable lightweight design.
At the same time the Keo Blade 2 has one of the widest contact surfaces on the market. This increases stability and helps in hectic race situations.

  1. Body Material: injected long carbon fiber, stainless steel contact surface
  2. Axle Material: titanium
  3. Bearings: 2 ball, 1 needle
  4. Clip-in/out: Carbon blade
  5. Height Spindle/Sole: 13 mm
  6. Contact Surface Width: 64 mm
  7. Pedal Spindle/Crank Distance:
    53 mm (lengthen to 55 mm)
  8. Release Tension: 12, 16 or 20 Nm
  9. Weight: carbon / 12 Nm : 90 g (pro Pedal)
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