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Rotor Q-Rings XC2 Chainring


The oval Rotor XC2 MTB Q-Rings increase your power by emulating a Rotor System crankset in the power stroke and by minimizing the intensity of the “dead spot” zones. By extending the time you spend in the power stroke (where 90% of all power is produced) and smoothly accelerating the legs through the critically weak “dead spots”. The inner XC2 chainring features a bolt circle diameter of 110/74mm and has been especially designed for the Rotor 3D/3D+ XC2 cranks.

The Q-Ring design provides smooth and uniform pedaling without sudden accelerations or shifting problems. It increase and decrease the gear ratio throughout each pedal rotation providing a lower gear ratio at the dead spots which improves your knee comfort.

The patented Rotor OCP system (Optimized Chainring Position) enables you to choose the angle where you obtain the maximum benefit and comfort, customized to your pedaling style.

Q-Rings are made of 7075 T6 aluminium. The hard-anodized surface offers a nice looking finish with high durability. Equipped with steel shifting pins.

  1. Material: 7075 T6 aluminium
  2. Weight:approx. 32 gram (at 27 teeth)
    approx. 25 grams (at 25 teeth)
  3. Fitting for derailleur: 2×9 / 10-speed
  4. Bolt Circle (mm): 110/74mm, 5-arm spider