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Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX Wide Saddle


New. The saddle chosen by cyclists looking for a FLAT model with an area of pressure discharge, has been improved to offer higher performances.

Applied the concept of NEW ERGONOMY, based on finding a perfect balance between support zones and relief zones in all the different situations of pedalling. The central relief zone is long enough to work in all the riding positions, but a structural stability bridge prevents unwanted flex and twist. New is also the dimension of the carbon rail that features a length of 83.5 mm, which makes it one of the longest on the market and allows one of the best back and forth adjustments.

The new ergonomy and the new design, together with the smart graphics, make the new Mantra an aggressive saddle, aesthetically perfect in matching with the most technologically advanced frames. And add that is also 15% lighter than the previous model.

  1. Rail: Dna-carbon – Ø 9,8x7mm
  2. Shell: Carbon Fiber Reinforced
  3. Padding: Biofoam
  4. Cover: Microfeel+carbon
  5. Length / Width: 277×132 mm
  6. Weight: 147 g
  7. Level: Carbon fx