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Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9110 front Brake Caliper Direct Mount


When aerodynamic efficiency is as important as braking power, look no further than the Dura-Ace BR-R9110.

The most advanced groupset ever: Shimano Dura Ace Brake Caliper BR-R9110-F Direct Mount. Two braking options now exist for riders at DURA-ACE 9100 level – mechanical rim brakes or hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic road disc brakes in the new DURA-ACE line-up add an extra element of control and confidence to brake performance in tough (weather) conditions.

Dual-pivot or Direct Mount type rim brake calipers bring incredibly powerful performance, offering the best balance between rigidity, weight and stopping power, providing a sleek design, bringing better clearance for tires up to 28c and a 43% reduction in flex over previous DURA-ACE brakes. Direct mount options provide integrated aerodynamic designs at the front (BR-R9110-F), on the rear seat stay (BR-R9110-RS) or under the bottom bracket (BR-R9110-R).

  1. Increased overall braking performance
  2. Integrated sleek low-profile caliper design
  3. Comfortable riding with wider tire on rough road
  4. Better clearance with wider tire
  5. Compatible with 28C tire size
  6. Intuitive braking control
  7. Smooth and light operation
  8. SLR-EV technology
  9. Use: Road, Triathlon
  10. Group: Dura Ace 9100
  11. Model: BR-R9110-F
  12. Type: Front – Direct Mount Fork
  13. Mount: Direct Mount
  14. Brake shoe: R55C4 (Standard for aluminum rim)
  15. Reach: 51mm
  16. Technology: SLR-EV
  17. Rim width: 20.8-28mm
  18. Maximum tire size: 28mm
  19. Reference brake lever: ST-R9100, ST-R9150
  20. Material: Aluminum anodized
  21. Weight: 139g (manufacturer information)