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Shimano SM-RT81SS Center Lock XT Disc Rotor 140mm


XT Ice-Tech rotors have a three layer sandwich structure of an aluminum core embedded in stainless steel.

Optimal braking with the cooler disc: Shimano XT SM-RT81SS. The higher heat dissipation of the aluminum helps to reduce the surface temperature of the rotor by around 100 degrees Celsius.

  1. Material: Stainless Steel-Aluminium-Stainless Steel in three-layer structure
  2. Technology: Ice Tec (100° lowered surface temperature for a constant braking power)
  3. Two-part construction
  4. Stain resistant design for high brake pad life
  5. Low noise, fadingresistent
  6. Group: XT
  7. Model: SM-RT81SS
  8. Disc: Center Lock
  9. Diameter: 140mm
  10. Pad compatibility: Metal / Resin