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Tacx Booster Trainer


The Booster is the most powerful basic trainer and can generate high resistance at low speeds. If you set the handlebar resistance lever to a high position you have to exert a lot of force while advancing slowly, just like when you tackle a steep climb. This makes the Booster highly suitable for power based workouts.

  1. Type of trainer: Basic trainer with magnetic brake
  2. Magnets: 2×8 Permanent ferrite magnets
  3. Transmission: Roller, 30 mm
  4. Electrical requirements: No mains voltage required
  5. Power indicator (Wattage): None
  6. Connection indicator (ANT/BT): None
  7. Firmware upgradable: No
  8. Suitable bikes: Race, Tri & MTB, if necessary with axle skewer
  9. Supplied with: Front wheel support, Quick release for racing bikes and mountain bikes (5 mm)
  10. Max. power (40 km/h): 1050 Watt
  11. Max. slope: N/A
  12. Simulation of descent: No
  13. Max. torque: 17Nm
  14. Max. brake force: 50 N
  15. Flywheel: Actual, 1.65kg
  16. Flywheel effect: 9.18 kg (20.2 lbs)
  17. Calibration: N/A
  18. Footprint (lxw): 675x650mm (26.6×25.6 in)
  19. Height: 410 mm (16.1 in)
  20. Dimensions when folded: 565x410x245mm (22.2×16.1×9.65 in)
  21. Weight: 8.53 kg (18.8 lbs)
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