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Time IZON Ultegra


It’s the black dress. Or the black tux. It goes with everything. Agile enough for climbing and descending mountain switchbacks. Bold enough to take on a raging pack in a criterium or the ‘friendly’ competition of a club ride. The IZON surges, floats, carves, flies, dives…all with little effort.

  1. Responsive
    BB30 | Asymmetrical Chainstays
    The IZON accelerates at will with a combination of asymmetrical chain stays and BB30 bottom bracket both weaved with high modulus fibers.
  2. Versatile
    Control, Power Sculpted
    The RTM process allows us to create beautiful tube shapes that direct power, control and comfort making the IZON feel at home on any terrain at any speed.
  3. Agile
    Fast made easy
    The Quickset headset mated with the stiff and shapely headtube give the IZON precise steering and intuitive handling.
  4. AKTiV fork
    All the good qualities of a stiff fork – precise steering, great braking performance and zero power loss – without bone-jarring, energy-sapping road vibrations.