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These are the qualities you demand from yourself and you would ask no less from your machine. The competitor inside you will find the SKYLON a perfect fit with its wind-cheating profile, super stiff bottom bracket and precise handling.

You will find yourself in the front and leaving the pack behind.

  1. Explosive
    +45% Bottom Bracket Rigidity
    Wider bearing spacing allows increased tubing cross-sections and improves rigidity compared with the ZXrs
  2. Powerful
    Monobloc Asymmetrical Chainstays
    Larger-section asymmetrical mono bloc chain stays improve power transfer.
  3. Precise
    +30% Torsional rigidity
    Larger-section head tube and aerodynamic integrated fork design increase torsional rigidity and steering precision.
  4. Aero
    Shaped by air
    The SKYLON slips through the air with the aid of Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and prototyping while balancing ride quality and maintaining the TIME aesthetic.
  5. AKTiV fork
    All the good qualities of a stiff fork – precise steering, great braking performance and zero power loss – without bone-jarring, energy-sapping road vibrations.