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uvex sportstyle 506 Kids Sunglasses


Stylish, mirrored sports glasses for children and teenagers. The Sportstyle 501’s Litemirror lenses are highly resistant to scratches and mechanical stress, while ensuring that 100% UV radiation is absorbed. Efficient glare protection safeguards the eyes in strong sunlight. Thanks to flexible legs and a retention strap, the Sportstyle 501 sits safely and securely, whatever the conditions.

100% UVA-, UVB-, UVC Protection: Uncompromising eye protection! A scratchproof filter integrated into the lense material completely protects the human eye from all harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also integrated into the frame of the eyewear.

Litemirror: Sophisticated mirror technology combining fashion and function. The lense coating, up to 18 layers thick, does not just look trendy, it also offers extra protection against infrared light. Harmful IR rays are effectively reflected and kept away from the eye.

Decentred lense technology: Guaranteed distortion-free vision even in highly curved lenses. All lenses meet Class 1 optical quality.

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