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uvex variotronic s Sunglasses


Thanks to the LCD technology – this high-tech glasses make the difference – immediately: in less than 0,1 seconds the brand new uvex variotronic s is adapting its tinting to the light situation – fully automatic or via a single click.

The future right in front of your eyes

uvex revolutionises bike glasses with a trend-setting glass technology that adapts to rapidly changing lighting conditions automatically or with the press of a button. This is made possible by a laminate of liquid crystals with electrochromatic activation through by a photocell light sensor. It reacts to the current intensity of light and regulates the tint of the glass in a split second. The uvex variotronic is available as the Sports Shield for cyclists, and as the full frame version optimized for mountain bikers.

Sudden blindness in a dark tunnel on the speedy downhill race? Stopping to change glasses because all at once, the trail has disappeared into the dusky pine forest? Or simply don´t want to carry a change of glasses? The revolutionary high tech development by uvex is the solution: In just the blink of an eye, the new uvex variotronic s glasses adapt the tint of the glasses to the lighting conditions of the environment. This is made possible by the interaction of integrated light sensor with a specifically developed liquid crystal foil with electrochromatic activation that tints or clears the glasses in a matter of seconds, automatically or manually by pressing a button. The light setting has a light transmission of 64%, while the tinted glass only allows 16% light to pass through. The advantage is clear to see: The technology provides you with more safety and self-confidence in demanding situations and enables top performances even with changing light conditions. The variotronic s bike glasses are powered by a rechargeable, integrated accumulator with 50h operating duration. The revolutionary etint glass technology is part of an exclusive cooperation between uvex and the US-specialist AlphaMicron.


  1. 100% UVA, UVB,
    UVC Protection


  1. Variotronicc®, Supravision®


  1. Adaptable soft nosepads
  2. Headband
  3. Adjustable, cold formable earpieces
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