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Shimano CN-HG701 Chain


Silky driving, accurate shifting: with the Shimano 11-Speed Chain CN-HG701

HG-X11 directional chain realize more smoother shifts and greater overall performance. Right and left sides are optimized for front and rear shifting respectively.

With an HG-X11 special asymmetric plate design and Shimano’s new SIL-TEC surface treatment, a quieter ride, increased chain life and better performance await you.

  1. Use: Road, MTB, E-Bike
  2. Model: CS-HG701
  3. Group: Ultegra, XT
  4. Gear: 11-speed
  5. Links: 116
  6. Type: HG-X11
  7. Directional design: Yes
  8. Chromizing Treatment Link Pin: Yes
  9. Pin Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  10. Roller Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  11. Compatibility: Dura Ace 9000, Ultegra 6800, 105 5800, XTR M9000/9020, XT M8000/8020, 11-speed E-Bike