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Shimano WH-R9100-C60-CL Dura Ace Carbon Wheelset


The Shimano Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C60 Wheelset receives minor tweaks and improvements on this already reliable lines of wheels. It features improved drive rigidity and responsive acceleration thanks to its offset rim and wide flange hubs. The C-60 weighs in at a respectable 1770g, with an aero design that allows it to maintain speed once rolling, which makes it the perfect wheelset for crits and time trials. Shimano’s lust-worthy 9100 series hubs boast a buttery smooth spin quality based on Shimano’s cup and cone design. The cup and cone ball-bearing design is easy to maintain and offers some the best road hub performance around.The The D2 rim has been given a new improved aero profile in the 60mm version to help negate the effects of crosswinds and keep your rolling straight toward the finish line. Descend with confidence knowing that these wheels offer superior braking performance thanks to the aluminum brake track.

  1. D2 wide section rim
  2. Improved drive rigidity
  3. Aerodynamic performance
  4. OPTBAL spoke system minimizes weight and adds rigidity
  5. Carbon composite rim
  6. Lightweight Titanium FREEHUB body
  7. Balanced low inertia & aerodynamics
  8. Weight: 788g (WH-RR9100-C60-CL-F), 982g (WH-RR9100-C60-CL-R)
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